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Investor Relations

Leading Client Services

JER Partners has earned strong trust and loyalty with investors as we unwaveringly adhere to our core principals to conduct business with the highest level of integrity.

Our disciplined approach to processes and our internal information systems make due diligence simple and direct. We are responsive to all investor information requests and inquiries. JER Partners provides supplementary information, research and analysis to investors over the investment cycle, keeping investors abreast of market conditions and developments.

We have a high level of personal contact from the outset of a relationship. Investors have the opportunity to meet with JER Partners senior executives and investment managers.

Transparent Reporting

JER Partners prides itself on its communications program and attentive personal service designed to provide frequent, transparent and comprehensive communications to our investors so our partners are fully informed about JER Partners, asset and fund-level performance, risk assessments, capital requirements and specific investment strategies. JER Partners maintains a consistent level of communication with its clients through annual meetings, quarterly and mid-quarter conference calls, letters, performance and financial reports, and customized reports.

Reports are also housed online in a secure password protected area so investors may have access to vital fund information day and night anywhere in the world.

Investors may click here to access additional fund information. For specific questions, please email JER Partners at

Investor relations contact information

Mike McGillis
Managing Director
7950 Jones Branch Drive
Suite 320
McLean, VA 22107
+1 (703) 714-8000