JER Partners - Our Commitment to Community


Our Commitment to Community

JER Partners' commitment to social responsibility is as strong as ever. Over the past year alone, JER Partners, our employees and affiliates have contributed over $1 million and hundreds of volunteer hours to our signature charity, Fight For Children, which was launched in 1990 by Joseph E. Robert, Jr., our founder.

Fight For Children is a leading non-profit organization in the Nation's Capital working to ensure that low-income children receive a quality education and stay healthy so they can learn. Since its founding in 1990, Fight For Children has raised or leveraged over $450 million for education and healthcare programs serving low-income children in Washington, DC. Fight For Children’s fundraising events and other initiatives have directly raised $100 million, including $11 million from JER Partners. An additional $350 million in federal funding for DC education programs has resulted from the combined efforts of Fight For Children staff and Joe Robert.

Fight For Children’s work is divided into two broad categories: ensuring access to quality early childhood education through its Ready to Learn DC program and improving academic achievement in K-12 schools. Its tagline, Championing Change | Changing Lives, captures the spirit of what Fight For Children does: it champions change on a systemic level and changes lives by directly impacting the quality of programs that touch individual children. The result is thousands of low-income children have a fighting chance for a brighter tomorrow.  To learn more about Fight For Children, please visit

Looking forward, JER Partners will continue to collaborate with Fight For Children to ensure that children get the caring support they need to become tomorrow's leaders.