JER Partners - Expertise




JER Partners is a fully integrated private equity real estate investment management company three decades of experience in sourcing, underwriting, and managing a broad spectrum of real estate products.

Distinctions that Make a Difference

  • Exclusive focus on capitalizing on real estate market mispricings

  • Target complex portfolio investments that require precise execution and experience

  • Offer comprehensive, integrated, in-house investment expertise in acquisitions, transaction structuring, asset management and risk management

  • Cohesive senior management with an average of nearly 30 years business experience

  • Transparent and tailored reporting to suit investors’ requirements, including access to a secure, user-friendly website for investment information

Time-tested investment process

  • Demonstrated ability to produce returns in a variety of market cycles

  • Ability to act quickly and underwrite complex investments

Fully-integrated operations with experienced professionals focused exclusively on acquisitions and asset management

  • Manage entire life cycle of investments, acquisition through disposition in-house

  • Internal team with strong skills including sourcing, due diligence, asset management, legal, accounting, finance, and portfolio and risk management

Active portfolio and risk management approach

  • Tested portfolio and risk management principles

  • Monitor risk exposure; build diversified investment portfolio

Deep real estate experience

  • More than 250 separate investment transactions since early 1990s

  • Over $28 billion in gross investment since early 1990s

  • Completed investments in 17 countries

Completed investments in a wide variety of property types including:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Multi-family
  • Lodging
  • Healthcare
  • Land
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution and Manufacturing